about me

Olá! Hello! Bonjour! Aloha!

My name is Patricia and I was born on a '92 November sunset, in Lisbon. I'm currently living abroad, with no plans to come home anytime soon (sorry Mom!)
Since my childhood, I always loved playing outside, being close to animals and hugging trees. I am deeply in love with Nature and inspired by the magic that surrounds me in this beautiful Earth.
Around my twenties, I decided to change my diet, my home, my entire life! I follow a vegan, happy and holistic lifestyle - mind, body and soul.
I self taught myself how to photograph over the past years, which is one of my passions. I also love travel, explore new places and meet different people.
One day, I'll live in the jungles, seas and deserts with the beautiful people of this world and document my experience through photography. But for now, I'm working as a Social Pedagogue with children, mindfully making the choice to be happy.


My health journey
I have always suffered from little health problems but nothing major.. Until my twenties, where everything got worse. I couldn't eat anything without vomiting or becoming sick and it was just impossible to function as a "normal person" as I couldn't even go out without having to go toilet every hour.
Lots of money were spent on specialists, doctors and medication, and nothing was diagnosed, as everybody said I was totally fine. But I knew that all the nauseas, stomach pains, fainting, digestive issues, irregular menstrual cycles and skin problems were not fine!
After 2 months and 10kg lost, here I was in another doctor.. I was desperate, I arrived and I told my whole story without even say hello. The doctor never interrupted me and never told me that it could be anxiety or stress, so I knew I was on the right track. She asked me to do all the exams possible (some of them really scary) and she told me to keep a food diary, with everything I ate and all the symptoms I had, and so I did. After three weeks, I went back to this doctor and the diagnosis was made (finally!). In addition to other things, the doctor told me that I had lactose intolerance, chronic gastritis and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). She prescribed me medications that I would have to take every day and I left the hospital super happy!
But after three months, I wasn't happy anymore. I never really liked taking medication and I always believed that we can find our cure in nature, so I decided to change my diet, my lifestyle, my whole life! I became a vegan, I started to practice yoga regularly and to live a more conscious life.
In fact, the world around me also started to change, my family doesn't eat meat on Mondays and my boyfriend became vegan as well. I was aiming to feel better and I feel great! I am no longer on medication and I feel stronger - mind, body and soul. I realised how everyone is unique and we should all live naturally free!

I created naturallyfreesoul to share my passions and inspire people to live with a heart full of love and a naturally free soul!